Okay so apparently that Gnome Child in all the slayer posts is actually a 4 year old Runescape NPC who has the mental capacity of a wise old philosopher and speaks about philosophy and the existence of god and such



I almost forgot this actually happened


I almost forgot this actually happened


Y O U   C A N   F E E L   N I N T E N D O ’ S   A N G E R

I’m gonna listen to Darude- Sandstorm on repeat until I finish getting lots of productive things done


honeymoon is an interesting term because an actual moon made of honey would imply space bees which is pretty horrifying



White people asking me questions about my turban (part 2)

Why his white dude bro voice on point tho. Lmao.




i’ve watched this more than 20 times today

Anonymous: Any anime recommendations?


this is going to be a real long post, so i apologise in advance!

okay so i’ll first start with finished animes.

i really, really, really recommend tsuritama. i remember being skeptical about an anime about fishing that also has water aliens, but right now, i’m actually thankful that such an anime exists. it’s not only comedic and light-hearted, but it’s also a feel-good anime that is guaranteed to make you laugh, or at least smile! although the ending was pretty damned emotional. yikes. plus, the characters are voiced by familiar seiyuus who’ve voiced characters from haikyuu!!, diamond no ace, hamatora, snk and jjba!

Kyoukai no Kanata

i’m pretty sure this is a common favourite, but i’ll recommend it anyway. here’s kyoukai no kanata, otherwise known as beyond the boundary. it’s based off the light novels written by nagomu torii, and is basically an action, supernatural anime with occasional comic relief, romance, and honestly, a lot of pervertic fetishes. it starts off so beautifully and the emotional bit just hits you right where it hurts„, just trust me on this one, you’re not gonna regret watching this. plus, there’s a movie coming out in 2015, so it’s not too late to finish this 26 episode anime in time!

Hyouka wallpaper

oh boy. oh boy. OH BOY. this is hyouka, and it will rip out your heart. in the best way possible, anyway. it’s a seriously fun, mystery, slice-of-life anime that revolves around four students solving mysteries around the school. it has some romantic undertones, and it’s honestly one of my most favourite animes on this list! you will empathise with oreki, the main character, so heckin much, you’d actually believe that the anime was made about you and not him. trust me. but the enDING IS SO UNSATISFYING

hamatora. super powers. rad theme song. beautiful character design. i wish i could elaborate but my heart aches just remembering this anime. this screwed me up so bad. but watch it, please. watch it. watch it, and become broken. do it.

i’m sure there’re plenty of great, finished animes that i haven’t mentioned, but that’s because i’m filtering out my favourites from the best to keep this list as short as possible. yikes. anywho, onto the ongoing animes!

welcome to haikyuu!!, where volleyball’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. or at least to these guys, it is. meet hinata shoyo, an energetic, speedy boy with reflexes faster than light. since young, he’s always idolised “the little giant”, a volleyball player who’s inspired him to play volleyball despite his height. he then encounters the impatient dictator, kageyama tobio, in a junior high match, and let’s just say things get a little interesting from then. i really love this anime, because it’s either really hilarious, or really, really intense. the characterisation of the supporting characters are actually incredibly impressive too?? i suggest reading the manga too, because of yachi hitoka, the national treasure if you think the anime’s amazing, wait till you read the manga. you’re in for an oishi oishi chance treat.

if you ever feel down, or if your day’s just not going right, do yourself a favour, and watch barakamon. this anime’s pretty much my go-to anime whenever i feel sad, because every single episode will have me cracking up in laughter. seriously, this is probably the most heart-warming anime of 2014, and undeniably a hidden gem. this is definitely the show you want to watch if you’re doubting your own talent at something, because you can follow handa seishuu, a calligrapher who’s looking for inspiration to continue writing. be inspired, laugh a little, and absolutely fawn over the adorable village kids that handa-sensei encounters, because they’re all so precious, every single one of them.

as if 2014’s anime couldn’t get any funnier, gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun steps its way into the parody/shoujo genre with refreshing characters, lovely clips of pure crack, and i swear„ kashima yuu is non-binary. i swear. (that’s just my headcanon, though) but yes! i started watching this out of curiosity when i was sick, and honestly, this cheered me up so much. every single episode is pure comedy GOLD.

*laughs nervously* oh boy„ tokyo ghoul„„, really„ really fun… haha

no but seriously, this anime has more disturbing themes than i have fingers. if you’re uncomfortable with cannibalism, vomiting, blood, gore, eye horror, death and body horror, i seriously do not recommend this show. your comfort > anime, always. but if you do choose to watch this, i’d just like to say that kaneki ken… deserves happiness. and you will agree with me as you watch it. they always do. tokyo ghoul’s probably one of the most popular animes of 2014, and rightfully so! however, the anime’s definitely more fast-paced and rushed compared to the manga, so i do recommend reading it as you go!

and last, but not least, zankyou no terror. i don’t even know how to start this, znt’s just possibly the best anime of 2014 so far! the unique design of characters make them recognisable just by name and appearance, although they honestly don’t look like anything other than ordinary school students! i really want to commend youko kanno for the BEAUTIFUL soundtrack, and also shinichiro watanabe for the AMAZING direction of znt. seriously. watching this anime gave me goosebumps because of how good it was. the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seats, and the amazing voice acting will blow you away. there’re only a couple of episodes so far, and already i dread the day znt finishes. that’s how spectacular it is.

so that concludes my anime recommendation list as of 30 august 2014! i hope i managed to mention a couple of names that you agree should be on this list, and perhaps you disagree with some stuff i’ve said! that’s okay! opinions!

what’s an anime you think should be on this list? i’d love to know!

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